laboratory energy saving service

We are experts in Research and Teaching Laboratory energy use and
CO2 emission reduction, with over 30 years in the design, installation,
commissioning and safety testing.

We have P601 (LEV testing) and P602 (LEV design) resource
accreditation with the HSE based on HSG258

We specialise in:

  • Lab testing and energy monitoring and targeting
  • Lab performance evaluation – using our ‘toolkit’
  • Research and Teaching laboratory energy optimisation, performance

evaluation, opportunity identification and implementation

What is #LESS?

#LESS = Laboratory Energy Saving Service This is a new service we have developed with our private clients which we are offering to the broader Life Science sector. It is a proven, unique approach, validated in the Life Science sector – to quickly identify poor performing laboratories offering opportunities with easy to access input data We have a detailed list of laboratory specific opportunities which have been successful which we can access Overview:
  • Starts with benchmarking a number of “target” laboratory facilities
  • Follows toll-gate steps
  • Each step is plug & play (these are linked but we can deliver any of the steps independently)
  • Circular process – energy monitoring ensures changes are maintained

Benefits to the customer = why #LESS is more

  • A low cost / high value service which is quick and easy to use, to save energy and reduce CO2 emission
  • Delivered by experts in the industry – who understand laboratories
  • Risk free decisions due to toll-gated approach, with guaranteed results
  • Identifies significant energy users and big opportunities to save money and reduce CO2
  • Aligns with corporate drivers for zero carbon, supports energy management and sustainability stakeholders deliver their targets
  • Leverages key data from our data-base of life science laboratories (UK & Europe)
  • We appreciate capital constraints exist and we assure our work is self-funding based on savings
  • We understand the constraints regarding implementation,safety and science

Why benchmark using our toolkit?

  • Laboratories can use 10-100 times more energy than used by houses, they are SEU (significant energy users) and can be the most energy intensive buildings on campus
  • For a small retained fee, we can quickly identify poorly performing laboratory facilities and unlock significant energy savings 10-50%reduction is achievable
  • Our toolkit includes some of the best and worst performing labs across the Life Science sector (UK & Europe, HE and private labs), including Swedish lab data (the home of energy efficiency)
  • Provides a recognized lab performance rating which can be peer reviewed and provide corporate level information, PR, ESG, CSR, stakeholder management and investor relations
  • Self-funding service based on energy saved.

Next steps?

If you have a project to discuss, we would be happy to help. Contact one of our experts today!

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