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About Energy & Carbon Reduction Solutions

Who are Energy & Carbon Reduction Solutions?…


We are a group of Chartered Engineers and Low Carbon Energy Assessors who are commited to helping complex industry sectors reduce their energy bills and benefit from lower carbon emissions.

We have over 20 years experience designing complex facilities that due to safety and robustness, offer significant opportunities to reduce energy use and running costs without impacting safety, compliance or comfort. Which we evaluate using the latest dynamic thermal simulation and CFD flow modelling as required.

‘We all value customer service, are passionate about reducing the environmental impact of our customers’ operations and are committed to delivering our promises and achieving best value.

Energy & Carbon Reduction Solutions can advise before and during the design of new and refurbishment projects to ensure that the best efficiency opportunities are delivered  by the project.  It is at times of capital investment that improvements can be made with the least cost and least disruption.

Our team includes dynamic thermal modelling, CFD flow visualisation, validation specialists all focused on value.

Our Supporters

We have developed excellent business relationships with a number of global and smaller pharmaceutical companies alongside research universities and NHS APU’s who trust us to help deliver their promises.